93g 125cm 49.21" Ultralight Carbon Fiber Zpacks Rigid Tent Pole

  • 93g 125cm  49.21\
  • 93g 125cm  49.21\
  • 93g 125cm  49.21\
  • 93g 125cm  49.21\
  • 93g 125cm  49.21\



93g 125cm 49.21" Ultralight Carbon Fiber Zpacks Rigid Tent Pole

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  • Production introduction


    We design this gear independently, and we aim to provide the best camping equipment for outdoor fans.

  • Color : black
  • Material : carbon fiber
  • Length :  125CM
  • Fold length(Storage length):28CM
  • Sell in 1PC as One Package
  • Weight: about 93g(±6g)/ 1 pc

Size125cm-Packed28cm: Total length 125 cm, but five-segment structure, packed up size only 28cm, main pole size is also 9.4 mm diameter and using 1.25 mm thick carbon fiber,  with 2 cm long aluminum stick on the top. The connection support pole is glued inside the main pole. This 29.5cm packc-up size would allow you to put the tent pole into the bag which you use to put the tent. This one is also designed to be replacement of trekking pole. This tent pole has a large area of force and does not get stuck in the soil, so it can support the tent very well. Unit weight: 93 g. 

  • This tent pole is designed to be a replacement of trekking stick or trekking pole when using pyramid type tents like  Zpacks Duplex Tent, Triplex Tent,Plexamid Tent, or 3F Lanshan2 Tent.
  • Each pole comprises five segments of carbon fiber tubes in size of 9.5 mm outer diameter and 7mm inner diameter. And these five tubes are connected by an elastic string.
  • There is also a 2 cm long aluminum stick on the top. The bottom of the stick is connected to the elastic string. The top part can allow you to put it through the ring of the tent, so as to pitch up the tent.
  • It is a 15mm wide plug sealing the bottom of the carbon fiber tube. It can prevent the tent pole from getting stuck in the soil, so it can support the tent very well.This plug is removeable so you can change the elastic string when it's worn out.

All dimensions are measured manually. Error of measurements may exist with small deviation.

Can not pinch into the soil, big head has large area under force, so will not get stuck in the soil,  can support the tent very well:


②Aluminium alloy head,

   Feature:special polishing design around the aluminium alloy head makes the head smooth enough to protect the tent cloth.






1.Ultralight,Space-saving and easy to carry.The weight is only 20% of the steel, so it is easy to carry and it is lighter and more environment-friendly than normal products .


2.Strong strength capacity. 3-5 times stronger than stainless steel.


3. It is corrosion preventive and thermostable .


4. It has a flexible accesorry. Can be replaced the worn elastic strings(ropes). This advanced design can save your cost in the long term using.


5. Smooth edge of the top can protect your tent cloth very well, will not scracth the tent cloth.






  • Detail display125P图IMG_20200525_144216不能插土125cm5节细节图细节图






It can also be used as the door pole like below





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